Dash [DASH] DAO invests in Vaultoro for executing Dash payments


Dash [DASH] DAO invests in Vaultoro for executing Dash payments 13539

Dash [DASH] DAO, also known as the decentralised autonomous organisation, accepts the recent proposal of Vaultoro. Dash [DASH] cryptocurrency has evolved as a deviation from Bitcoin [BTC]. Dash [DASH] DAO’s investment in Vaultoro, a cryptocurrency exchange which generates Bitcoin [BTC] based on gold, is confirmed through its press release. BCFocus has previously reported about Dash [DASH] collaborating with Rewards.co. for distributing rewards among the customers in Dash [DASH].

Among the initial decentralised system of funding, the DAO of Dash [DASH] has international recognition under law. In a span of 4 months, investment in Vaultoro would be 276 DASH. The funds invested by Dash [DASH] DAO would lead to development and formation of marketing team. The marketing team of the exchange would be assigned with the task to implement new market strategy and segment.

This particular community has already made an investment of an amount exceeding $800,000. This would lead to faster adoption of Dash [DASH] coin in Venezuela and emergence of updated applications like Vaultoro. Vaultoro app provides its users with diversifying uses in our daily life.

Joshua Scigala, the co-founder of Vaultoro stated, “The opportunity to receive a financial endorsement directly from a software-protocol, voted upon by several thousand users, is a first-timer I am happy to experience. The DAO-structure of Dash and its features as digital cash have always been on the edge of innovation with its combination of instant and private transactions for instance. This all comes with an ease-of-use that will even be improved once Dash releases its new “evolution”. We are happy and really appreciate the support by the DASH community. We aim to include the DASH/gold pair within the next 4 months.”

With offices in London and Berlin, Vaultoro is a start-up with a customer base of 12000 sprawling over 94 nations. The current statistics reveal that it is involved in gold trading of more than 1.5 tons. However, funding by Dash [DASH] DAO would bring about expansion in the domain of marketing and technicalities for trading purposes.

Ambassador Program by Vaultoro for greater integration of Dash [DASH]

Vaultoro is preparing itself to take another initiative through the Ambassador Program by collaborating with Dash [DASH] platform. The new step can become prominent in the region by involving local experts associated with Vaultoro.

The primary intention behind this measure is providing relevant data about digital currencies like Dash [DASH] and Bitcoin [BTC]. It is also intended to provide financial freedom on a personal level. The banks in certain nations which have limited adoption is a prominent target of this initiative.

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